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The heart of a Vispring

The heart of a Vispring bed

The finest luxury materials, the hands of skilled craftsmen, a century of expertise – these add up to the perfection that is a Vispring bed.

Scandinavian Spruce, which offers inherent strength, trueness of line and a fine grain, forms each solid timber bed frame. All joints are glued and screwed for precision and performance.

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The bed

The bed

The mattress and divan feature a single or double layer of Vispring’s unique six-coil springs.

A coir or needle-teased horsehair pad is overlaid with British fleece wool and cotton for outstanding comfort.
A single or double layer of Vispring’s six-coil pocket springs ensures that weight is distributed evenly across the bed and gives flexible support. Each spring is individually pocketed under compression in hard-wearing calico, to provide resilient support the instant your body touches the mattress.

Every spring is hand-nested in a honeycomb pattern that creates a dense formation of thousands of springs, cradling your body without pressure.

The finest natural fibres

The finest natural fibres

The finest natural fibres are uniquely responsive, resilient and soft.

Real Shetland Isle and British fleece wool, horsetail, cashmere, mohair, bamboo and silk are expertly blended. These premium fibres naturally regulate temperature, repel allergens and allow for the flow of air through the mattress, for ultimate comfort.

Where horsetail is used, a layer of cambric provides a smooth covering to prevent fibre migration. A layer of the softest wool and cotton is the luxurious finale.

The Vispring sleep system – your guarantee of life-changing comfort.