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Choose your perfect bed

Take time... to choose your perfect bed

A Vi-Spring bed is a masterpiece of synergy.

A Vi-Spring mattress offers supreme comfort. When it is paired with a Vi-Spring divan, both parts work in harmony to enhance the quality of your night’s rest.

From soft to extra firm

Find the bed that fits you perfectly.

Vi-Spring will tailor your mattresses and divan to provide the ultimate size, softness and support for your body.

Consider your weight when choosing between Vi-Spring’s Soft, Medium, Firm and Extra Firm mattresses. Take account of your height, as well as the size of your room, when deciding how big your bed needs to be. And of course, be guided by what comfort means to you.

Up to 11 stone (70kgs)SOFT
11-16 stone (70-102kgs)MEDIUM
16-20 stone (102-127kgs)FIRM
Above 20 stone (127kgs)EXTRA FIRM
The Vi-Spring Combination Mattress

The Vi-Spring Combination Mattress

Each person’s concept of comfort is unique, so choose a mattress that suits you both.

To guarantee the best night’s sleep for you and your partner, Vi-Spring will make your mattress with different spring tensions on each side – either Soft and Medium, Medium and Firm, or Firm and Extra Firm. The Vi-Spring Combination Mattress: unique support, shared comfort.

The Vi-Spring Divan

The Vi-Spring divan – the foundation of your bed

On its own, a Vi-Spring divan is more comfortable than many famous-name mattresses.

A Vi-Spring divan combines the strength of slow-grown Scandinavian Spruce, with body-responsive six-coil pocket springs and a generous filling of premium natural fibres.

There is no better foundation for a Vi-Spring mattress.

How to choose your bed

2. Do not rush your purchase


Finding your ideal level of support and cushioning takes time. Test each bed for at least 10 minutes, with your partner if you share a bed. Lie in the position that you usually sleep in and turn over a few times.

1. Try a number of beds


Vi-Spring makes a range of beds, offering different spring tensions, fillings and sizes. Try a few to determine which is the one for you.





How to choose your bed

5. Make an investment

You will spend a third of your life in bed and a good night’s sleep will contribute to your long-term well-being, so it is worth investing in the best bed possible.

4. Measure your room


Buying the largest bed you can accommodate will reduce sleep disturbance. Vi-Spring can make divans in sections to negotiate small entrances and tight staircases.

3. Check the support


If the mattress is too firm, you will be able to slide your hand easily between the mattress and the hollow of your back. If the mattress is too soft, you will not be able to slide your hand beneath your back.


PERFECT SUPPORT The spine is straight and the entire body is evenly supported


TOO FIRM The spine bows upwards causing pressure around the shoulders and knees


TOO SOFT The spine bows downwards causing pressure around the hips